Avalakki Mixture
4-6 Servings ~ 30 Minutes
  • 1 Cup Poha/Flattened Rice
  • 1/2 Cup Peanuts
  • 4 Tbsp Roasted Dal/Futana
  • 2-3 Springs Curry Leaves
  • 1/4 Cup Cashew Nuts - Optional
  • 1/2 Tsp Red Chily Powder
  • 1/4 Tsp Turmeric Powder
  • 1 Tbsp Dry Coconut -Sliced
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for deep frying

Poha/Aval Flattened Rice Mixture

My mom makes this mixture at a blink, if any one even just talks of it. She loves cooking and this doesn’t take time as well.  It is a combination of 4-5 ingredients put together and enjoyed. My mom always prepared this in large quantities. We used to relish it along with rice, mixed it with Puffed Rice(Pori) for snack or just filled this in a bowl and ate it.

Now that I stay away from her and get to meet her a couple of times in a year, I don’t want to eat all at that time. So she asked me to start making easy things at home. I made this long time back, some how didn’t post this.

You even can make a raitha with this just like boondhi raitha. I had a guest at home the very next day I made this and I served it with evening tea and they couldn’t believe that it was home made. They were all praises. What else does a foodie blogger need??


– Heat oil in a deep fry pan on medium flame.
– Add the Peanuts and deep fry them till golden brown (You will see cracks on skin)
– Remove it from oil and put it to a large bowl.
– Add the cashew nuts and deep fry them also till golden brown.
– Remove it from oil and add it to a large bowl along with peanuts.
– Add curry leaves. When they are crisp remove from oil and add it to the bowl.
– Add Flattened Rice/Poha little at a time into a large metal sieve and immerse into oil.
– It will puff up immediately. Once all the poha is puffed up, drain the oil on the deep fry pan itself and add to the bowl.
– Repeat process for the remaining flattened rice/poha as well.
– Now add salt, chili powder, turmeric powder, roasted dal/futana and the sliced dry coconut and mix well.
– Cool completely and store in airtight box so that it remains crisp.


– Poha will discolor the oil and that is why we fry it at the end.
– Alternatively for a healthier version, you can roast the poha , with 1 tsp of oil ( use thin poha) till it turns golden brown. The taste will be slightly different.

I will post this healthy variety of this Mixture soon.

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