2-3 Servings ~ 15 Minutes
  • 2 Cups Wheat Flour
  • 1/8 Tsp of Salt
  • 1 Tbsp + For Deep frying Oil
  • Water for kneading



– In a mixing bowl, mix in wheat flour and salt.
– Add water little by little and mix into a slightly firm dough. Keep aside covered for 5 minutes.
– Divide dough into small lemon-sized balls. Spear a few drops of oil on the balls and mix roughly, so that the balls are just coated with oil.
– Now roll each one of them into a small circles using a rolling pin, slightly thicker than rotis.
– In the meanwhile, heat oil in a deep fry pan.
– When the oil is hot, slide in the rolled puri’s one by one.
– Press with the tongs a bit. This will help the puri to puff.
– Flip when puffed and cook the other side as well for a few seconds till slight change in colur. Dont over-cook as it might turn dark in colour.
– Remove and Serve with Chole / Rajma or Potato Curry.

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