Roasted Gram Chutney Powder

Roasted Gram Chutney Powder


1 Cup Roasted Gram
25-30 Garlic Flakes
6-8 sticks Curry leaves
Red chillies powder per taste
¼ Tsp Sugar
½ Tsp Mustard
Salt to taste

Make powder of all the ingredients except mustard.
Dry splutter the mustard and mix with the powder.
Store in Air-tight jars and serve with south Indian meals.

Note: Tastes great with Dosa, Idly and Chappatis too.

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  1. Great & Simple easy to follow recipes in here. I am impressed! Extremely useful for starters like me. Thank you and good luck.

  2. Thanks for sharing this..I always have one or the other variety of Chutney powder stored @ my place…usually use them along with Dosa or Idly..Please post other varieties of Chutney powders.

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