Mixed Grams Chutney Powder

Mixed Grams Chutney powder


1 Tbsp Channa Dal
1 Tbsp Urad Dal
1 Tbsp Green Gram
1 Tbsp Toor Dal
1 Tbsp Peas Mutter Dal
1 Tbsp Green Gram Dal/Mung Beans
15-20 Curry leaves
Red chillies powder to taste
¼ Tsp Sugar
½ Tsp Mustard
½ Cup Dry Coconut/copra (optional)
Salt to taste


– Dry roast all the grams till they change colour slightly.
– Make a coarse powder of all the ingredients except mustard.
– Dry splutter the mustard and mix with the powder.
– Store in Air-tight jars and serve with south Indian meals.

– Add all the grams you can find. Do remember to dry roast them before powdering.
– Tastes awesome when had with hot rice and ghee.
– Also great with Dosa, Idly and Chappatis.

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  1. Great blog here! My neighbour used to make this..missed it very much. Thanks to you that i can make this for myself.

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