Coconut Burfi
~ 25-30 minutes

Coconut Burfi

This is known as Kobbari Mithai in Karnataka. Usually made for special occasions; this simple, easy and tasty dessert can be made any time for the sweet toothed.


Coconut 1 Cup
Sugar 1 ½ – 2 Cups
Cashew 10
Raisins 10
Cardamom Powder ½ Tsp (Optional)
Ghee for greasing

– Grate only the white part of the coconut.
– Squeeze the coconut to get the coconut milk. Keep aside.
– In a pan put the sugar and add the coconut milk. This has to soak the sugar. (Very little milk can be added if required).
– Heat the pan and keep stirring continuously until bubbles appear.

– Now add in the coconut and keep stirring till the bubbles re-appear and the mix don’t stick to the pan.

– Grease a tray/plate with ghee and add this mixture and flatten the top surface.
– Allow to cool for 3-4 minutes and run a knife through this making the desired shape (either square or diamonds).
– Decorate each piece with cashew or raisin and allow cooling completely. Store in Air-tight containers.


Thoughts on “Coconut Burfi

    • Hi Anu, Thx for trying out this dessert…make sure you use freshly grated coconut and squeeze the milk from it. Also wait for the bubbles to appear in both the steps. Happy cooking.

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