Pasta Arrabiata


Pasta                    2 cups
Water                   6 cups
Carrot                   1 thin sliced lengthwise
Green peas           1 cup
Capsicum              1 diced
Onion                    2 diced
Beans                     2 chopped in big size
Cauliflower          1 small bowl
Garlic                     6 cloves,sliced lengthwise
Ginger                    1 medium size,sliced thin & lengthwise
Tomato sauce       5 tbspn
Mustard sauce      1 tbspn
Soya sauce              1 tbspn
Honey                      1 tbspn
Olive oil                2 tbspn
Olives                    5-8
Saunf                       1 tbspn
Tabasco sauce        1 tbspn


1.Take a pan.Pour water & pasta along with 1 spn of oil & salt.Leave it for 20 minutes.
2.Take another pan,pour oil,add saunf,garlic,ginger,onion & other vegetables.
3.Add salt & mix it well.
4.Add olives & all other sauces.Add honey too.
5.Mix all well & finally add boiled pastas into it.
6.Have it hot.

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