Vegetable Stew

Vegetable stew  is a tasty & simple traditional dish from Kerala.It go very well with traditional item ‘Appam’.It can be prepared in non-veg form also.But,here is the vegetable stew.Do try it & let me know the feedback.


1. Potato           1 chopped
2.Carrot            1 chopped
3.Green Peas    1 bowl
4.Beans              3 chopped
5.Cloves                 4
6.Cinnamon       2 small sticks
7.Cardamom      2 powdered
8.Green chillies    2 slited
9.Coconut Milk     1 cup


-Take a cooker.Pour water & salt.
-Add all vegetables,green chillies,cloves,cinnamon & cardamom.Leave it for 2 whistles.
-When the air will be released,lit the flame on sim.
-Pour coconut milk & leave it for a minute.
-Serve it hot with appam or with bread.

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