Oats Cutlet

Oats is a very healthy to our heart.People usually don’t like to have oats.But if you try to make a special dish out of oats then elders & even kids will love it.Here is another dish made up of oats & I hope that you all will like it.Do try at your home.Below are the ingredients & method of ”Oats Cutlet”.


1. Oats                        1 cup
2. Potato                    1 boiled
3.Capsicum               1/4 cup,chopped
4.Beans                       1/4 cup,chopped
5.Carrot                      1/4 cup,grated
7.Chilly powder           1/2 tspn
8.Pepper powder         1 tsp
9.Chat masala               1/2 tsp
10.Coriander leaves     2 tbspns,chopped
11.Lemon syrup            1/4 tsp
12.Yogurt/curd              3 tbsps-to bind
13.Ginger-garlic paste     1/2 tsp each
14.Green chilly                   2 chopped


-Mix all the ingredients with oats in a bowl.
-Mash well to bind.
-Make 8-10 balls of the above mixture.
-Flatten each balls & shape into cutlets. on your hand.
-Cook the cutlets on a non stick tawa,turning side till both sides are done.
Note:Do not add water while binding the mixture.

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