Special Onion Raitha

In our India,there are hardly few people who will not like onion raitha.But having a normal dish in a special way makes it more interesting.This onion raitha will make you to have it with all types of rice hereafter.


1.Onion                     2 chopped
2.Green chilly         2 chopped
4.Sugar                       a pinch
5.Oil                           few drops
6.Cucumber             1/2 chopped
7.Carrot                     1 small,grated
8.Pomegranate         2 tbspns
9.Curd                         1 packet
10.Curry leaves       chopped for garnish
11.Coriander leaves


-Take a bowl.Add chopped onions & green chillies into it.
-Add salt to taste & pinch of sugar.
-Pour few drops of oil.
-Mix it well with your hand untill onions becomes soft.
-Now add chopped cucumber,grated carrot & pomegranate.
-Pour curd & mix it well.
-Add chopped coriander & curry leaves into it.

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