Semiya Kheer

Semiya Kheer


1.Ghee          2tsp
2.Dry fruits  2tbspn
3.Semiya      2 cups
4.Milk          1/2 ltr
6.Essence    Few drops of any flavour
7.Cardamom powder   1/2 spn

-Take a pan.Add 2 tsp of ghee.Fry cashewnuts & kishmis in that & keep aside.
-In that same pan now add 2 cups of semiya & fry untill it becomes bit red in color.
-Take a vesel filled with water & add fried semiya into it.
-Leave it till semiya becomes soft/boiled.
-Boil 1/2 litre of milk & add sugar as required.
-Add boiled semiya & fried dry fruits into the milk.
-To give a flavor,add few drops of any essence(vanilla/pineapple) & cardamom powder.

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