Samosa is loved by all Indians at any time of the day.People usually have samosa from out.But it makes you worry which oil has been used for doing the deep fry.Just forget the worry & start preparing more yummy & healthy samosas at your own home.

Take a potato.Wash it & put it in cooker.Pour water in such a way that potato is covered.Leave it for 2 whistles.Take a pan,pour oil,add saunf,chopped onion & green chilly.Add salt & turmeric powder.Mix all well.Add a bowl of green peas.Add garam masala & chat masala.Add 1/2 spn of soya sauce & jaljeera powder(both are optional).Now take the boiled potato,peel the skin off & smash it well.Add it in pan & mix all well.Add 2tbspn of chopped coriander leaves.

Take a vessal,add 1 cup of maida,salt & 150gms of hot ghee into it.Mix all well with your hand(Make sure you will not burn your fingers in hot ghee).When crumbels will form & cold water & make a proper dough.Keep a wet cloth above the dough & leave it for 1hr.

*Method:Make ball out of that dough.Make a medium size puri,cut it in half & with the help of your hand make a cone,stuff it & close the open part after applying the water on it.Fry it in hot oil.Serve it with tomato sauce or tamarind chutney.
Note:If you don want to make samosa with the help of your hands,you will get samosa machine in market which will give a proper shape to the samosa.

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