Daal Vada

Parapuvada(Dal vada)

Parapuvada is a snack from the south.It is easy to prepare & tasty to have.You will love the crunchiness of this dish.It’s a wonderful snack.


1.Dal                                   1 cup
2.onion                               1 diced
3.Green chillies                 3
4.Ginger paste                    1 tbspn
5.Garlic                                7 cloves
6.Curry leaves
7.Coriander leaves
8.Red chilly powder            2 tbspn
* Method:

-Take a bowl filled with water.Add dal into it & leave it for 3 hrs.
-Remove water,add dal in mixy jar & also all ingredients.Add a bit water & give a stir.
-Don’t make it as a dal paste,then it will not be proper vada.
-With the help of your hand,give it a shape & do a deep fry in oil.

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