Paneer Manchurian

Paneer is an item which comes under milk products.You can easily find paneer in our Indian cuisine,either for starter or in form of gravy.All love paneer as it really tickles your tastebuds.Here is a dish made up of paneer which you will enjoy for a snack.

2.Saunf                          1 tbspn
3.Onion                          2 diced
4.Capsicum                1 chopped
5.Green chillies         3 chopped
6.Garlic                     5 cloves,finely chopped
7.Ginger                     small piece,chopped
9.Pepper powder       1 spn
10.Garam masala       1 spn
11.Soya sauce              1 tbspn
12.Tomato sauce       4 spns
13.Gram flour            5 tbspns
14.Chilly powder       2 spns
16.Paneer                      15 diced
18.Coriander leaves


-Keep a pan on stove.
Pour oil,saunf,diced onions & capsicum,chopped green chillies,garlic & ginger.Mix it well.
-Add salt,pepper powder,garam masala,soya sauce & tomato sauce.Mix it well & keep aside.
-Now take a bowl,add besan(gram flour),salt & red chilly powder.
-Pour water so that it will become a thin batter.
-Now add diced paneer into it & do a deep fry in hot oil.
-Mix the fried paneer with the other ingredients.
-Add chopped coriander leaves.
-Serve it wid lemon wedges & chopped onions.

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