1.Jaggery                      200gms
2.Water                         1/2 glass
3.Raw rice                     3 tbspn
4.Dry ginger powder  1tbspn
5.Jeera                        2 tbspn
6.Grated coconut       1/2 coconut
7.Rice Powder            2 cups


-Take 200gms jaggery,put it on a vessal,pour half glass of water & let the water boil & melts the jaggery.
-Filter the jaggery water into another bowl.
-Take a pan,roast 3 tbspn of raw rice,1 tbspn dry ginger powder & 2 tbspn jeera.
-Put these in a mixy jar & make it into a nice powder.
-Filter that powder too.
-Now,take the jaggery water bowl,add this powder & grated coconut & mix it well.
-Take a bowl,add 2 cups of rice powder & keep pouring hot water bit by bit & mix it well untill it forms like a dough.
-Make balls out of it & make it as a small bowl.
-Keep the coconut stuffing inside & close it with the help of bit water if the ball is breaking.
-Keep it for steaming for 10 minutes.