Daal Kheer

Dal Payasam


1. Toor dal                 100 gms(1 cup)
2.Ghee                         1 tbspn
3.water                          2 cups
4.Coconut milk           1 cup
5.Jaggery                       200 gms smashed
6.Cardamom powder   1/2 spn
7.Dry fruits                    2 tbspn
8.Coconut                      small pieces


-Wash it in water & spread it on a plate so that it will get dry.
-Fry that dal now in a pan with ghee.
-Keep stiring till it will become reddish in color.
-Now boil it in cooker with water.
– keep it for 1 whistle,then turn off the stove.
-When the pressure will be released then open the lid & turn on the stove again but keep it in a low flame.
-when it will start to boil then add coconut milk & smashed Jaggery.
-Boil it properly then finally add Cardamom powder,fried small pieces of coconut   & dry fruits.

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