Creamy Cheezy Pasta

Pasta is one of the famous dish from Italy.This is a  favourite dish among kids.They love it in any form,let it be in a dry,spicey or even in a creamy way.You can find the method of preparation.Do try it & make your kids happy.


3.Pasta               2 cups
5.Carrot             1 sliced thin-lengthwise
6.Capsicum       1 sliced thin-lengthwise
7.Onion              2 diced
8.Green peas      1 small cup
9.Black pepper seeds     10
10.Dry red full chilly      3
12.Fresh cream                1 cup
13.Cheese                         1 medium cube
14.Lemon syrup              1/2 tbspn
15.Pudina leaves              6


-Take a pan & pour a lot of water & salt.
-Add pasta into it.
-Take another pan,add oil,carrot,capscicum,onions & green peas.
-Add salt into it.Mix it well.
-Take few full black pepper & dry red chillies,mix it in mixy well & keep aside.
-Now in another mixy jar,add fresh cream,cheese,powdered pepper & red chilliy,lemon syrup & tiny chopped pudina leaves.
-Let it blend very well.
-Now take the boiled pasta from water & add into the mixed vegetable pan.
-Now pour the whole cream mix into it & give a good stir.
-Add grated cheese on top.

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