Chana can be eaten as a gravy,chaat,boiled which will be high in protein.One among the Indian cuisine is ”Chole curry”.It will be best with bhatures.


1.White chana                   1 cup
3.Turmeric                    1 spn
5.Bay leaf                       1
6.Clove                         4
7.Cinnamon                2 small sticks
8.Jeera                        2 spns
9.Onion paste            2
10.Green chillies       3 chopped
11.Ginger-garlic paste      1 tbspn
12.Red chilly powder        1 tbspn
13.Coriander powder        2 tbspns
14.Tomato puree               2
15.Garam masala              1 spn
16.Chana masala               1 spn
17.Coriander leaves          for garnish


-Take chana(kabuli/white) & keep it in water over night.
-Take a cooker,add chana into it,pour water,add salt & turmeric.Close the lid & leave it for three whistles.
-Take a pan,pour oil,add bay leaf,cloves,cinnamon & jeera.
-Add smashed onions which has been mixed in mixy,chopped green chillies,ginger-garlic paste & salt.Mix it well until onion turns to golden brown in color.keep it aside inside the pan itself.
-Now pour oil.
-Add red chilly powder & coriander powder.
-Add tomato puree into it & mix it until it leaves the raw smell.
-Mix all together(Onion mixture).
-Add boiled chana along with the water into it.Let it boil.
-Add chana masala & garam masala.Mix it well & garnish it with coriander leaves.
-Have it with rotis,parantas,puris & the best with bhaturas.
NOTE:1)If you feel that the water content is more in chana masala & it has become very thin gravy,then add 1tsp of cornflour powder(diluted in water).The gravy will become thick.
2)If you like dark color chana masala,then take a thin & small piece of cotton cloth,add 1tbsp of tea leaves into it & tie the cloth in such a way that tea leaves will not come out.Keep it in cooker along with the uncooked chana & then close the lid.

Thoughts on “Chole

  1. You seem to cook from your heart!!! Thank you for all the simple down to earth recipe. I am going to make this recipe tomorrow for a pot-luck meal I am attending!

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