Chocolate Icecream

Chocolate Icecream

I don’t think there will be anyone who hate icecream.We usually have icecream from icecream parlour while paying too much higher price.But this receipe will make you to forget outside icecreams & you can make your own brand at your own home :)


1.Milk                      500ml
2.Condensed milk   5tspn
3.Fresh cream           2 cups
4.Cornflour powder 2tbsp
5.Sugar                   10 tsp
6.Coco powder       2tsp


-Keep the milk for boiling in pan.
-Dissolve cornflour powder in little cold milk & pour into the boiling milk.
-Keep stirring the milk till it becomes slightly thick.
-Add condensed milk & sugar.
-Mix well,then & coco powder which has been mixed in 4 tbsp of hot milk.
-Blend it well in a mixy.Cool & add cream.Mix properly.
-Keep it in freezer in a closed container.
-After 3 hrs,take the icecream & blend it again in mixy.
-Keep it back in freezer & leave it for 10 hrs/overnight in max cooling(have patience :-).
-Icecream is ready & garnish it with grated chocolate & crushed cashewnuts on top of it.

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