Creamy Milkshake

Chocolate creamy mint shake

Milk has the most calcium element in it.Usually people & kids doesn’t like to drink milk.This shake will make you to have it daily as it’s delicious.Iam sure you will love milk after having this shake just one’s.


1.Fresh cream             1 cup
2.Cold milk                   2 cups
3.Cardamom powder   1/2 spn
4.Cinnamon powder    1/3 spn
5.Essence                     2-4 drops
6.Any fruit color         a pinch
7.Chocolate powder    2 tbsp
8.Mint leaves               6 finely chopped
9.Sugar                         1 cup
10. Grated lemon skin   1/2 spn
11.Chilled water              1/2 glass


-Take a juicer.Add all the ingredients & mix it well.Garnish with chocolate powder & mint leaves.