Chicken Biriyani


1.Chicken                         400 gms
3.Chilly powder                2 tbspns
4.Coriander powder        3 tbspns
5.Turmeric powder          1/2 spn
6.Lemon syrup                  1 spn
7.Soya sauce                       1/2 spn
8.Curd                                2 tbspns
10.Cashewnuts                   10
11.Kishmis                            15
12.Bay leaf                            2
13.Clove                                4
14.Cinnamon                       2
15.Jeera                                2 spns
16.Onion                              2 sliced
17.Ginger-garlic paste        2 spns
18.Green chillies                 3 slited
19.Tomato                             1 diced
20.Pudina leaves                a bunch
21.Garam masala                1 tbspn
22.Chicken masala              2 spns
23.Water                               2 cups
24.Basmati rice                   1 cup

-Marenet the chicken with salt,red chilly powder,coriander powder,turmeric,lemon syrup/vinegar,soya sauce & curd.Mix it well & keep it in freezer for 15minutes.
-Keep cooker on stove,pour oil,cashewnuts,kishmis,bay​ leaf,clove,cinnamon,jeera & fry it.
-Add sliced onions,ginger-garlic paste & slited green chillies.
-Mix it well after adding salt & turmeric.
-When onions will become soft then add  tomato & pudina leaves.
-Keep mixing until pudina leaves become soft.
-Now add mareneted chicken into it,add garam masala & chicken masala.Mix it very well.
-Now pour water as per required.
-Taste the salt.Close the lid & let the chicken be cooked so leave it for 2 whistles as per your cooker.
-When the air will be completely released by the cooker then add washed basmati rice into it,close the lid & keep it for 1 whistle.
-It’s ready & you can serve it hot with a boiled egg.

Thoughts on “Chicken Biriyani

  1. I would like to try this dish first as the picture looks very “yummy” and i hope it will look the same and will have a mouth watering taste after the preparation…………….

  2. hey Diny very happy to see dat ur dreams are coming true … great going dear :) and btw i prepared chicken biriyani the other day and it tasted awesome !! thanx a loooot for the recipe

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