Cabbage Salad

* Ingredients:

1.Cabbage            1/2
4.Olive oil                   1 spn
5.Onion                       1 diced
6.Pepper powder       1 spn
7.Chat masala             1/2 spn
8.Soya sauce               1/2 spn
9.Tomato Sauce         1 spn
10.Vinegar                  few drops
11.Lemon                    few drops
12.Chilly flakes           1 spn
13.Organo powder      1/2 spn
14.Honey                       1 spn


-Take cabbage & cut it into big pieces.
-Boil it in water & a pinch of salt.Remove the water.
-Take a pan,pour olive oil,add diced onions,salt,black pepper powder.Mix well.
-Add chat masala,soya sauce,tomato sauce,few drops of vinegar & lemon,chilly flakes,organo powder & honey.Mix all well.