Appam is one of the traditional dishes of Kerala.The speciality of this dish is that it will go good with any veg or non-veg curries.Appam is an attractive dish which has always made any states of people to love it.Below you can find how to prepare it easily at your homes.


1.Boiled rice              1 cup
2.Raw rice                 6 cups
3.Yeast                       2 spns,dissolved in water
4.Coconut                  1/2,grated
5.Sugar                       3 spns


-Take boiled rice,raw rice which has been washed in water & keep it for 6-7hrs after removing the water.
-At night grind the raw rice in mixy,along with yeast.
-Then grind boiled rice,coconut & sugar in mixy well(it should become like a dosa paste).
-Pour the batter into a vessal & close the lid & keep it for whole night & next day morning add salt & mix it well.
-After 10 minutes start preparing appam in Appam vessal(Available in market).
Note:The vessal should not become too hot as appam will stick on it.Previous night itself apply oil on the appam vessal.

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