Aata Laddu

Aata Laddu


1.  1 cup aata(wheat flour)
2. 1/3 cup powdered sugar
3. 3-4 tbsp desi ghee
4. 1 tbsp dry fruits chopped
5. seeds of 1 green cardamom 2 crushed
6. 2 pinches of black pepper powder
7. Garam masala powder   1/2 spn
8.Dry ginger powder           1/2 spn


-Keep a pan & add aata.Roast it well.
-Add ghee & mix it well.
-Add sugar,dry fruits & other powders.Mix very well.
-Mix water bit by bit & start preparing laddus out of that wet aata.
-Keep cahewnut & kishmis on each laddus.

Thoughts on “Aata Laddu

  1. Hi Didi, Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe. I loved the one’s my mom used to make. miss them now.. Tried making using your recipe. It came out good but ofcourse not as good as my mom’s. Nice collection of recipes too.

  2. I simply love Aata Ladoo’s. I made this at home, following your recipe posted. It was great and I simply want to say I like the simple way of explanation in your blog. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

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